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Our ethos since 2015, fresh food, well delivered with a friendly face

We love our local suppliers & produce! Here are some of our partners!

Owners, Ring O Bells

Ian & Jo Bennett


A small independent coffee company based in Paulton with highly experienced, passionate and knowledgeable engineers to keep our equipment up to date as well. A stunning blend of coffee made to their own secret recipe

Coffee & Tea

Beans & Machines


A family business suppling catering establishments for the last 50 years. Specialising in an eclectic range of Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Exotic Produce and a stunning range of Fine Foods and Dairy products.

And of course, as local as you can get!

Fresh Fruit & Veg

A David


Their wine is the product of their people.They travel the world over, grow, harvest, make, blend and bottle. Fantastic relationships with amazing producers. It’s much more difficult to make good wine inexpensively, Yet they pursue it with passion. A huge selection and something to tempt you away from the usual varieties

Wine Supplier



Master Butcher Dave Kelly & Ruby & White owner Adam Denton created a butchery business to supply  locally reared, dry aged meat and West Country game at home, sourcing British produce wherever possible


Ruby & White


Local at heart, Global by nature, Total Produce operates out of 39 countries which means we can source some amazing ingredients to compliment the menu
The range extends from the more familiar to truly exotic inlcuding extensive organic and fresh cut ranges

Fresh Fruit & Veg

Total Produce


Since its creation by Robert Clifford-Wing some thirty years ago Wing have been supplying top quality fish and seafood. They are committed to supporting local fishermen and committed to offering sustainable fish. We have deliveries all week where they catch and deliver to us within 12 hours! Fresh as you like!

Fresh Cornish Fish

Wing Fishmonger


Here's to brewing without pretence, airs or graces. Here's to a good honest pint made with talent and pride. here's to our best work in your glass.

Ales & Lagers