Updated: Feb 16

Have you ever wondered if it’s OK to eat an entire crab (including the shell) your not alone! Despite the difference in name, hard- & soft-shell crabs are the same species.

Fear not, the whole soft shell is edible – and delicious!

Our first special main this week

- Soft Shell Crab, Yuzu Relish, Israeli Couscous, Marinated Mushroom & Semi Dried Tomatoes

When it comes to the cooking it’s our buttermilk method using rice flour to give it a really light batter.

Yuzu Relish – these citruses are size of a tangerine with a taste between a lemon and a grapefruit.

Israeli Couscous made from semolina, with loads of protein and fibre, very little fat & no salt. It's actually a type of pasta made of semolina flour and water.

The dish is finished with lightly pickled mushroom & Semi-Dried Isle of Wight Tomatoes

and for dessert ....

- Key Lime Pie, Coconut Cream, Candid Limes

A classic dessert made from condensed milk, cream and lime juice. Perfect for a stress-free

dessert. Elevated with candid limes & a thick coconut cream

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