The landlord with the glass wrist

You may not have heard yet but we're serving our dishes a little different at the moment

We are serving our food in our recyclable tubs at the moment because Ian (the berk with a glass wrist) isn’t allowed to carry plates.

We take care of all the recycling & if the weather turns, just put the lid on and run for shelter!

Not a bad idea for this week as it turns out!

We know it’s strange, but you can expect the same amazing food, just in a recyclable vessel instead of a plate. You’re losing nothing and we’ve recognised this in the price of the dish by keeping it as low as possible while we get back to normal with most dishes been a tenner or lower! You’ll be sorry when it goes back on a plate! Maybe….

Jo prides herself on delicious local, seasonal ingredients and presents the dish just as she would normally & it’s the full menu as well as weekly specials so don’t worry.

You get proper cutlery, drinks in glasses and the quality service you’ve come to expect from us, even though it might be a bit slower from the one armed bar man!

Mocking & jeering are welcome, he deserves it for having glass wrist!

Thanks for understanding & see you soon!

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