Summertime & Strawberries

Let's face it, there is nothing better in the summer sunshine than a bowl of juicy, plump, fresh strawberries. We are lucky enough to have some of the best I have ever tasted grown just down the road in Cheddar. so here is our take on a tasty summertime favourite combined with a classic.

Cheddar Strawberry Crumble with Elderflower Icecream

Serves 4

Strawberry Mix

480g Strawberries

60g Caster Sugar

2tbsp Water

30g Unsalted Butter

1tsp Lemon Juice

Crumble Topping

80g Plain Flour

50g Caster Sugar

20g Brown Sugar

55g Unsalted Butter

Elderflower IceCream

568ml Double Cream

10 Egg Yolks (keep whites & make some merigues)

225g Caster Sugar

125-150ml Eldiflower Cordial (we used homemade but little green bottle works best)

How to do it all......

1. Start with the ice cream. This is best done the day before to give it time to freeze. Pour the cream and milk into a large saucepan. Bring to the boil then reduce heat & simmer for 2 mins Stirring occasionally.

2. In a seperate bowl whisk yolks & sugar together until pale. Slowly add the hot cream mix whisking the whole time. When all combined pour back into the saucepan & set over a low heat.

3. Stir Constantly until the custard is thick & coats the back of a spoon. (Do not over-heat or you will get scrambled Egg). Remove from the heat & pour into a cold clean bowl. Stir in 100ml of the elderflower, cover with cling film & leave to cool.

4. Taste the custard when it's cold, add more elderflower if needed remember the flavour will be subdued by freezing. Pour the cooled custard into an ice cream machine to churn or if you don't have one pop it in the freezer & give it a whisk every half hour to break up the ice crystals.

5. Halve the berries, place in a bowl. sprinkle with half the sugar & set aside.

6. place all the crumble ingredients into a bowl & rub together to give a light breadcrumb-like texture. Place on a tray & pop it in the oven at 150C/ gas mark 5 for about 7-8 mins or until golden brown. Once cooked just lightly break up with a spoon giving it an extra 3 mins if required. Then leave to Cool.

7. Put the water into a large saucepan, add the remaining sugar & leave for a few minutes to dissolve. Then over a medium heat cook to a very blonde caramel. Immediately add the butter, strawberries & lemon juice. Heat for 30 seconds, remove & stir coating the strawberries

8. Divide the strawberries between 4 bowls, top with crumble mix & a scoop of elderflower Ice cream.

Enjoy this with a cheeky glass of bubbles or a G&T.


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