Lets Celebrate National Butchers Week

We only want to give you the best here at the Ring o' Bells, so why would we compromise on our meat quality. After having worked in some fantastic steak houses over the years I have been really spoilt and finding that quality of meat here has been a challenge. On one sunny evening last year Ian and I were looking for somewhere to eat so we chose the Cowshed on White Ladies Road. One Bite of our Steaks (a ribeye for me, a Rump for Ian) and we knew we had found the perfect butcher for the Ringer. Eagerly the next morning I picked up the phone to speak with Master Butcher Dave Kelly and the rest, as they say, is history.

Adam Denton Dave Kelly

After meeting with Adam Denton (owner of the Cowshed and Ruby & Whites), I discovered he had shared the same frustrations with quality & inconsistency and felt the only way to ensure this was to do it himself. Dave Kelly, a master butcher joined forces with Adam giving us only the best and if you haven't tried one of our Dry Aged Rump Steaks or our Tomahawk Pork Chop then frankly you haven't lived! So to Celebrate National Butchers week we Thank you, Adam & Dave, for bringing only the Finest to us here in Hinton Blewett.


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