How it's meat to taste!

One of our favourite suppliers is Ruby & White

After a meal at the Cow Shed in Bristol on a rare day off some time ago, we discovered some fantastic meat offerings.

Cast your mind & taste buds back to your first bite of a steak! Remember, amazing right! Well, this is what R&W bring to the table.

Locally sourced, well looked after as with all our produce we use them for anything meat related!

Dave invited us behind the scenes where we viewed the processes, saw the quality and met the team. With an expert mind we crafted our burger mince, well a few, to trial back at the Cow Shed.

Back at the Cow Shed we sat with both Dave & Adam the other owner to taste our creations!

Long story, right? Get to the point?

Well, it leads us to our burger mix that we haven’t changed since. We’re so proud of the mix of Short Rib & Rump Steak. We leave a little fat in the mix because we know, fat = flavour. Just a little bit of seasoning and we’re done!

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