Eeek! Save my money!

Soon the limit for contactless will be going up!

It's exciting and it's going mean big transactions are going to be easier. But we understand it maybe a little worrying about the contactless limit going to £100 but fear not.

The Ring O Bells Hinton is here with a handy hint.

Put two contactless cards together to confuse the machine.

The card machines look for one signal so this works by confusing it with multiple!

If you are targeted, they will quickly move on once they see the error.

It works out of a wallet as well! I did have it in the video until I read my own card details! 😂

Hopefully that puts your mind at ease. We're happy to demonstrate it here for you while you pick up a takeaway or coffee!

Happy Hump Day!

Mind at ease? Time to book your takeaway then! Curb side pickup available if required!

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