Desserts are up!

This weeks dessert specials are up! Have a little read, lets see if we can tempt you!

La Torta Si Scioglie in Bocca

I had to admit watching a video to work out what this was.

Well, imagine two big flat Yorkshire pudding style sponges encasing a rich buttery cream filling.

The name quite simply translates to ‘the cake that melts in your mouth’, and it does!

Black Berry & Lemon Meringue Roulade

Don’t think bitter lemon, think lemon curd, a really rich smooth lemon flavour. Add in the fresh Blackberries and roll it all up with lashings of cream!

Now put these flavours together with a soft gooey home made meringue. A very decadent treat this one!

Cinnamon Churros w/ Chocolate & Hazelnut Sauce

Our weekly haunt last summer was Pinchos in Bath. This little place is amazing! True Spanish flavours, amazing sherries and service is just perfect! Why plug somewhere else for our desserts?

Well, they inspire these traditional Churros, something we never failed to add to the end of our meal, no matter how full we were!

This dessert is always a go to if you want to get on the good side of Jo, either these or a big pack of Oreos!!

Full menu at the link!

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