Cheers Butcombe!

Breweries don't tend to have much good

press but without the help and support from Butcombe we wouldn't be here.

We've helped each other over the past five years to grow and really root into the area

Sometimes it gets a little bit confusing

Who owns what, Who operates what and

who decides what we do.

Well, imagine it's like renting a house.

The building belongs to Butcombe, but

the business and everything else belongs

to us.

We use the brewery to stock our bar. Yes it's true Butcombe are owned by another company, Liberation.

But they have kept their character and

bolstered their offering using Liberation.

This past year has taught us all to stay local and use the best of the area.

That's were our relationship with Butcombe flourishes, we have a wide range of beer not only from them, but from the channel islands as well (Not that local, but it's at least the same company!)

We tie all those lovely local beers & ciders with our amazing wine supplier Bibendum. With so many of their own vineyards we are sure to get the best from the areas & the years.

We like to be a bit different as well, so you'll be sure to see a wine that you've never tasted before!

So, here's to the brewery! With all the support and offering we're happy to work with you now and long into the future!

You're alright really!

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